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When does Spotify Wrapped Come Out in 2023?

When does Spotify Wrapped Come Out in 2023?

It’s hard to believe that we’ve reached that time of year again, when the leaves fall, the days get shorter and the nights longer, temperatures drop, and last but not least, Spotify Wrapped comes out! It’s once again time to look back and see how your taste in music evolved this year, which were your most listened to artists, songs, and albums, and try to figure out what all that says about you. 

When will Spotify Wrapped drop this year?

It’s the question on everybody’s mind these days: when exactly is Spotify Wrapped going to drop? When do we get to compare our year in music with others and cringe at all the songs we’ve listened to on repeat? 

Well, we don’t have an exact date to share with you just yet, but we do know that in 2022, Spotify Wrapped came out on November 30th. So, we can expect it to come out at the end of November or early December. 

What is Spotify Wrapped, exactly?

What if you’ve been living under a rock and have no idea what Spotify Wrapped is? We’re only joking, of course, as we’re aware that not everyone uses Spotify on a regular basis. For the Apple Music users out there, know that you’re missing out on a fun end-of-year recap of your musical inclinations. 

Spotify Wrapped is essentially a retrospective, or summary, of everything that Spotify users have been listening to this past year. It’s a viral marketing campaign that Spotify has been releasing yearly since 2016, and it’s always shared massively across social media. Spotify obviously knows what they’re doing, attracting new users through this fun annual event; those who don’t use Spotify as much tend to get serious ‘FOMO’ this time of year. 

What does Spotify Wrapped show?

The annual Spotify Wrapped release will show a user the artists, albums, songs, and genres that they’ve listened to most often from January 1st through the end of November. It also shows producers and artists a summary of their activity on the platform throughout the year, all organized in a visually-appealing way, and easily shareable with others and on social media. 

In 2022, Spotify Wrapped also included ‘Your Listener Personality,’ placing a user in one of 16 personality categories based on the music they’ve been listening to, and ‘Audio Day,’ which reveals what type of music a user tends to listen to in the mornings, evenings, and other times of day. 

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How does Spotify Wrapped work?

If you’ve just realized that you haven’t been active on Spotify much during this last year, and you’re getting a bit of that FOMO we mentioned before, you might be tempted to start listening heavily to music on Spotify while there’s still time. The sad news is that it doesn’t really work that way. 

For a song to count as ‘listened to’ in your profile, you must play it for at least 30 seconds, and that song will feature higher on your profile if you’ve listened to it repetitively. When it comes to your top artists, Spotify Wrapped will count the entire listening history to see how much you’ve listened to a particular artist during the past year. What’s more, if you’re a podcast lover and you use Spotify intensely for your podcast listening needs, you might see your favorite podcasts up there in your Spotify Wrapped recap. 

Another interesting thing is that Spotify Wrapped only tracks what you’re listening to from January 1st through late October or mid-November. The final weeks of the year are not taken into account, for unknown reasons. We suspect they might do that to avoid Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’ from dominating all the Wrapped profiles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Spotify Wrapped usually come out?

Spotify Wrapped typically comes out in early December each year. This annual feature provides Spotify users with a personalized summary of their music listening habits throughout the year, including their most-played songs, artists, and genres. Users can access their Spotify Wrapped by logging into their Spotify accounts and exploring the curated playlists and insights that highlight their musical preferences and trends over the past 12 months. The specific release date may vary slightly from year to year, but users can generally expect it to be available in the first week or two of December.

Does Spotify Wrapped track listening history from January to December?

Spotify Wrapped tracks a user's listening history from January 1st to October 31st of the same calendar year. The data includes the user's most-played songs, artists, and genres during this period, offering a comprehensive overview of their musical preferences and trends. However, the Wrapped feature is usually released in early December, covering the majority of the year but leaving out the final two months. Users can explore their personalized Spotify Wrapped insights through the mobile app or web player, gaining insights into their music consumption habits and discovering new statistics about their listening experience on the platform.

Is there an Apple Music version of Spotify Wrapped?

Yes, Apple Music does offer a similar feature to Spotify Wrapped called "Apple Music Replay." Like Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music Replay provides users with a retrospective overview of their most-listened-to songs, artists, and albums throughout the year. Users can access Apple Music Replay through the Apple Music app or the Apple Music website. Apple Music Replay updates on a weekly basis, allowing users to track their listening trends in real-time. While it shares similarities with Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music Replay lacks some of the social sharing features that make Spotify Wrapped widely popular on social media platforms.

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