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Life as an Artist and an A&R: Jake's Take

Life as an Artist and an A&R: Jake's Take
Jake Broido

From Jake Broido's early days strumming a guitar in pop punk bands to navigating the complex world of the music industry, Jake's journey is about persistence, passion, and hard work. Jake sat down with Xposure Music's Sydney Hubbard to discuss making moves in the music industry, discovering and working with artists like Charlie Puth, and shares tips for artists working to grow their career as an independent musician.

Roadie Guitar Player to Major Label A&R

Jake's entry into the world of music began in high school, where he played in a variety of pop punk bands. Jake was deeply influenced by Fall Out Boy, living out what he referred to as the "garage band dream”. Jake would eventually become a roadie guitarist for Atlantic Records, where he transitioned from band member to working on the industry side of music. His consistent hard work and genuine passion for music led to an interview with Mike Caren, a renowned A&R executive and current CEO/founder of APG. Despite Jake's lack of experience in the A&R field, Caren, along with Aton Ben-Horin, saw potential in Jake and decided to hire and mentor him.

The Charlie Puth Era

Jake's first major opportunity in his shiny new A&R role came when a young Charlie Puth walked through the door. He got to work on Puth's first album and helped create several hit songs, including "See You Again" and "One Call Away". This experience with Puth was instrumental in catapulting Jake's career and instilled in him a deep passion for A&R work.

Charlie Puth's album cover for "Nine Track Mind" including hit "One Call Away"

Building and Leveraging Relationships

Throughout his journey, Jake emphasized the importance of building and leveraging relationships within the music industry. From his early days as a roadie guitar player to his transition into A&R, Jake cultivated a network of contacts that helped him to further his career. This networking was not done inauthentically, but rather through a genuine interest in learning from others and maintaining an open and receptive mindset.

His story about booking Shy Carter for a Charlie Puth writing retreat, which led to the hit "One Call Away," illustrated the immense value that can come from fostering the right connections.

Jake Broido (R)

Producer, Artist, and Content Creator

While still enjoying his A&R work, Jake started writing songs on the side, which culminated in a track he wrote being picked up by Rihanna. This marked a significant turning point in his career, inspiring him to expand his skill set and evolve into a full-fledged producer, artist, and content creator. Jake now creates music under his artist name, The Truth Experiment, and works with a broad spectrum of artists, from newcomers to nationally renowned performers.

Jake Broido and his guitar.

To help aspiring artists improve, Jake suggested a sports-like approach: work on different aspects of your craft at different times. This could mean focusing on vocal performance one month, delving deep into the mix the next, or spending time perfecting production skills. He also stressed the importance of being camera-ready and able to effectively communicate yourself as an artist visually.

“It's like basketball. You're working on your shooting, your defense, your running. Eventually, you want all these pieces to come together.” 
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Moving Forward with Authenticity and Passion

Looking back at his journey, Jake identifies a few key factors that have contributed to his success. Among them are a deep-seated passion for the craft, a willingness to work hard, and an ability to form authentic relationships within the industry. His advice to others aspiring to make it in the music industry is to speak up for themselves, be prepared to start from the bottom, and always strive to be the hardest worker in the room. Jake adds, “You never know who's gonna be the person to change your career, but those people will find you if you put yourself in the right positions and if you're working hard in this world.”

Connect with Jake Broido on Xposure Music and follow him on IG @thetruthexperiment


Jake Broido
With a broad expertise in A&R, Management, Production, and Marketing, Jake specializes in integrating these areas to boost independent artists' career progression.


Sydney Hubbard
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