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Charlotte Cardin: From Reality Star to Emerging Pop Titan

Charlotte Cardin: From Reality Star to Emerging Pop Titan


As far as pop music success stories in Canada go, Charlotte Cardin is definitely one to write home about. The Montreal native has found her career reaching heights other artists only dream of, all while still only 28 years of age. After first catching the attention of viewers across her home province of Quebec a decade ago during the first season of La Voix (Quebec’s version of The Voice), Cardin has gained a devoted following at home and abroad thanks to two successful albums, heavy touring and a significant presence on social media. With stylistic roots in pop, jazz and electronic music, Cardin’s earnest lyrics and powerful voice fit neatly with her catalogue of urgent, wholehearted pop jams. Her 2021 debut full-length album, Phoenix, topped her home country’s album charts for two weeks, while also performing well in Belgium, France and Switzerland. 

Clearly, Cardin has come quite some way in moving up the pop music ladder. But how did she get onto that ladder in the first place, and what will be next for her as her career continues to gain momentum?

Photo: Brian Sommer


Having begun her career doing modelling work at the age of 15, Charlotte Cardin would later come to commercial prominence within Quebec while competing on La Voix. She didn’t win the competition, but placed in the top four during the show’s inaugural season all the way back in 2013 — also the year she landed a high-profile duet with fellow Quebec singer Garou, “Du vent, des mots”. Three years later, she’d release her first EP, Big Boy, followed by her second one, Main Girl, the following year. She’d soon gain recognition within Quebec for songs she’d performed in both French and English. The rest of Canada would soon follow, as she’d score two Juno Award nominations (Canada’s Grammys) in 2018 for Songwriter of the Year and Breakthrough Artist of the Year. 

Cardin’s biggest successes musically would truly begin with her debut album, Phoenix, released in April 2021. Topping her home country’s album charts, Phoenix would also boast some of her biggest singles, including “Daddy”, “Passive Aggressive” and “Meaningless”. Cardin’s newest album, 99 Nights, was released back in August via Atlantic and Cult Nation, and gave her the first top 10 song in Canada of Cardin’s career, with lead single “Confetti” peaking at #10. Other standout tracks and fan favourites include “Jim Carrey” (which earned Cardin a phone call from the comedy legend himself), “Next to You”, “Looping”, and “Daddy’s a Psycho”.

Photo: Aliocha Schneider


As mentioned earlier, Cardin first rose to prominence in her home province through her appearance on La Voix, but it’s taken far, far more than a reality TV show to get her to where she is today. She’s gained a higher profile over the years in part thanks to collaborations with French-language artists in Quebec, such as the aforementioned Garou, as well as rapper Loud, electronic producer CRi, and singer-songwriter Daniel Bélanger. Cardin also has social media and streaming platforms to thank for her rise to fame, including on Instagram, where she currently has more than 514,000 followers.

Cardin has also racked up a significant following on TikTok, where she has more than 336,000 followers and more than 3.6 million likes across each of her uploads. On Spotify, she currently has 2.4 million monthly listeners, with her song “Confetti” by far her most streamed track at more than 18.8 million streams. The Canadian music industry has rewarded her, too, including aforementioned Juno nominations in 2018 before she’d score three wins during the 2022 ceremony following the success of her debut album, Phoenix.

Photo: Aliocha Schneider


Now based in Paris, Cardin has been spending 2023 on an extensive world tour that began in July, and will continue into 2024 — with many dates being sold out. Having played shows in Canada and Europe already, she’ll close out the year with dates in the U.S. before closing that leg of her tour November 12 in Seattle. She’ll then return to Canada for a coast-to-coast tour before heading back to Europe in January for a run of shows in France, after which she’ll fly back home for an Eastern Canadian run including four straight nights at Laval’s Place Bell arena just north of Montreal. 

Cardin has also said that she’ll be working on new music up until the end of 2023. Though we don’t have firm details as far as when that might come out, be sure to stay tuned to Cardin’s social media channels (including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and X) for any and all updates about her career, tour and musical output, as well as her official website.


Where is Charlotte Cardin from?

Charlotte Cardin is from Montreal, QC.

How old is Charlotte Cardin?

Charlotte Cardin is 28 years old. Her birthday is November 9, 1994.

What is Charlotte Cardin’s full name?

Charlotte Cardin’s full name is Charlotte Cardin-Goyer.

Who is Charlotte Cardin signed to?

Charlotte Cardin is signed to Atlantic Records and Cult Nation. You can contact her A&R, Pamela Charbit through Xposure.

What was Charlotte Cardin’s breakout song?

Charlotte Cardin’s breakout song was “Main Girl”, the title track of her 2017 EP.

Who influenced Charlotte Cardin’s music?

Charlotte Cardin has been influenced by artists across the genre spectrum, and by artists in both languages. She considers Portishead, Nina Simone, Frank Ocean, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Kacey Musgraves, Fleetwood Mac and Ella Fitzgerald among her influences, as well as rap artists like Mac Miller, Eminem and the Notorious B.I.G. She also takes influence from French-language artists like Corneille, Michel Delpech, Serge Gainsbourg, Jean Leloup and Henri Salvador.

What’s next for Charlotte Cardin?

Charlotte Cardin is currently on an extensive world tour promoting her newest album, 99 Nights, with shows across the U.S., Canada and Europe still to go. She also says she’ll be continuing to work on new music up to the end of 2023.

How can I stay updated with Charlotte Cardin's music?

You can keep up with any new music from Charlotte Cardin by following her social media pages (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and X), checking her official website, and looking for new uploads on SoundCloud, YouTube, and any streaming platform.

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Pamela Charbit
Pam Charbit is an A&R Manager at Atlantic Records, where she's known for her exceptional ear for talent and ability to develop artists' careers. She works with Charlotte Cardin at Atlantic Records.


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