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From DJ to Industry Maverick: Mike Caren's Inspiring Journey in the Music World

From DJ to Industry Maverick: Mike Caren's Inspiring Journey in the Music World
Mike Caren and Nick Jarjour

Join us for an insightful episode with music industry veteran, Mike Caren, Founder and CEO of APG, as he shares his remarkable journey from high school DJ to record label executive, with host Nick Jarjour, CEO of JarjourCo. Mike discusses his early days interning at Interscope Records, working for Eazy-E at Ruthless Records, and building street teams for Atlantic Records. Throughout the conversation, he opens up about his successes, challenges, and valuable lessons learned along the way.

Listen in as Mike reveals how he crossed paths with future stars like and the Black Eyed Peas, starting from their early days as Atban Klann at Ruthless Records. He also recounts his experiences signing and promoting Twista, a Chicago rapper who eventually rose to prominence through his collaboration with Kanye West on the hit song "Slow Jamz."

Mike also reflects on his time at Atlantic Records, working alongside industry trailblazers such as Gee Roberson, John Janick, and Aaron Bay Shuck. These individuals played crucial roles in shaping the music industry and contributed to the success of countless artists.

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Finally, Mike delves into the qualities he looks for in his executives and team at APG, emphasizing the importance of being smart, hardworking, fearless, and having integrity. He highlights the need for long-term goals, a strong work ethic, and a focus on becoming experts in specific niches within the industry.

Don't miss this fascinating conversation with a true industry trailblazer, as Mike Caren shares his invaluable wisdom and experiences from his decades-long career in the music industry.

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Nick Jarjour
Nick Jarjour is a versatile music professional with expertise in managing Grammy-nominated songwriter Starrah and other artists. He excels in deal negotiation and copyright law, helping clients succeed in a rapidly changing industry.

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