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Indie Marketing with Josh Hymowitz

Indie Marketing with Josh Hymowitz
Shallou (L) and Josh Hymowitz (R)

Xposure Music’s Sydney Hubbard sat down with Josh Hymowitz, Project Manager and Marketing Manager at the FADER label and manager to Shallou, Jiubel, koby, and James Ivy. We delved into his journey and experiences in the music industry, starting with his beginnings as a high school DJ to his current role at FADER and as an artist manager, and Josh shared his insight into the evolving landscape of music and marketing in 2023.

Getting Into the Industry

Intrigued by live streamed music festivals and the energy of DJs on stage, Josh began DJing in his hometown of Westchester, New York. He organized parties and events, fueling his interest in the music industry. Encouraged by his father, who supported his passion for music, Josh explored music industry programs and enrolled in Syracuse University's Bandier program. He interned at SiriusXM and Sony ATV during college, gaining valuable experience in music programming and publishing. After graduating, Josh worked at SiriusXM in promotions and event marketing, later joining Universal Music Group in content protection. This role exposed him to the challenges of combating music leaks and protecting copyrighted content in the digital realm, as well as how music was being attached to UGC in real time across various social media platforms. He also mentioned the department's ability to catch viral moments, like Drake's "In My Feelings" challenge, early on.

Josh Hymowitz at the DJ booth.

Life at FADER

Josh's passion for nurturing artists and supporting their creative endeavors led him to the FADER Label. Starting as a coordinator and quickly advancing to project manager, he found his place in overseeing marketing efforts for the label and its growing roster.

Josh highlighted the FADER magazine's editorial arm (it’s initial form), the Cornerstone Agency for brand collaborations, and the record label itself. While each division operates independently, there is a mutual desire to maintain the spirit of FADER throughout their rosters. Recently, FADER has been diversifying its offerings, venturing into film with recent documentaries and exploring podcasting with engaging interviews.

Josh Hymowitz (R) at Tomorrowland festival

Insights on Indie Artist Marketing

Josh shares three essential tips for indie artists to effectively market their records.

1. Align all online platforms cohesively, ensuring branding and information are consistent across platforms, especially prior to releasing music or other content. As a rising artist, there are so many avenues for discovery and you don't know when or how a new listener or fan will find you. Make sure your online presence is properly set up for when that happens.

2. Be scrappy. He highlights the accessibility of creating engaging content using DIY methods, capitalizing on collaboration opportunities, and leveraging smartphones to shoot quality videos. 

3. Use social media to your advantage, early and often. He encourages artists to embrace platforms like SoundCloud and TikTok to share their work, emphasizing that professional mixing and mastering are not always prerequisites for success.

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Looking Ahead

Josh Hymowitz feels good about the music industry today. When asked what he thinks 2023 has in store for artists, he has an optimistic response.

“It's a very exciting time for the music industry. I think there's a lot of opportunity for artists and people that are trying to have careers and make something of themselves in the industry because of this heavily digital world that we're in.”

Josh adds that the digital world and the resurgence of live shows offer artists and industry professionals ample chances to make their mark. Social media, streaming platforms, and fan engagement tools like Discord and Twitch have transformed the industry landscape, providing artists with more avenues for success than ever. 

Connect with Josh Hymowitz on Xposure Music and follow him on IG @josh_hymo


Josh Hymowitz
Music industry professional with experience in roles at Sirius XM, Universal Music, and The FADER. Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Syracuse's Bandier Program in 2017.


Sydney Hubbard
Ex-CAA artist development team member with management expertise. Contact me for advice on engaging booking agencies, hiring a manager, and establishing a personal brand.

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