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Strategic Marketing with Cameron Rogers

Strategic Marketing with Cameron Rogers
Cameron Rogers

From a musician with over two decades of experience to a digital marketing and strategy expert, Cameron Rogers has carved out a unique career path in the music industry. In a recent conversation with Xposure Music’s Sydney Hubbard, Cameron shared insights into his journey and his current role at Roc Nation, one of the leading entertainment companies in the world.

Cameron began his career as a musician, playing the drums, keyboard, and guitar. He later shifted his primary focus to drums, inspired by musicians like Chris Coleman, who has performed with artists like Shaka Khan and Beck. After over a decade as a musician, Rogers went to college for music and found his way into the business side of the industry through an internship. This experience led to an official role at a record label and, eventually, his current position at Roc Nation.

Cameron Rogers

As a digital marketing and strategy expert, Cameron’s role changes depending on the week. During a release week, he focuses on preparing everything needed for the release, from assets to partner support. Partners include platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Vevo, and coordinating with the artists to ensure they have what they need for successful promotion. During non-release weeks, Rogers spends his time researching and identifying potential opportunities for his clients, whether for visibility or paid opportunities.

Staying Ahead of the Curve and Common Misconceptions

Staying ahead of the curve in digital marketing requires good relationships and a proactive approach. As Rogers explained, partnerships with platforms like TikTok give the team a heads up on upcoming trends and changes. Coupled with data research, this allows them to anticipate what will resonate with their client's audience and adapt their strategies accordingly. For these analyses, popular tools like ChartMetric and Sprinkler are key, which provide essential metrics to guide their plans.

Cameron acknowledges that many artists have misconceptions about digital marketing. They often feel pressured to post every hour or jump on every trend, but Rogers advises them to stay true to their unique brand. Consistency is key, but that doesn’t mean posting every hour. Three to five times a week is often sufficient. He also champions originality, saying:

“Really what makes you special is just being yourself and being your brand. If the content is good, then it will work. It's not necessarily about replicating what other people are doing.”

Cameron Rogers and his mother.
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Artists, Video Creation, and the Balancing Act Between Art and Business

When asked about what he would do for a release first if he were an independent artist today, Cameron highlighted three key steps: content planning, reaching out to a videographer or producer, and developing a vision for the project's rollout. He also emphasized the importance of short-form content, which is increasingly prominent in algorithms across various platforms.

Cameron also believes that more artists should discuss the delicate balance between creativity and business. When an artist's craft becomes their career, it takes on a new level of seriousness that can impact their creative drive, and understanding how to balance these aspects is critical.

“I think that's just an element that artists may miss sometimes because the reality of it is once you commit to doing this as a career, it's officially a business. It's a brand. There are  a lot of things that go into it.”

Cameron hinted at some exciting upcoming projects that he couldn't disclose, and shared his plans to return to being a musician and venturing into film production.Cameron has a strong commitment to exploring different creative outlets, all while continuing his work in the music industry. From his journey as a musician to his extensive experience in digital marketing, Cameron Rogers offers valuable insights for artists navigating life as an artist in a digital-heavy world.

Connect with Cameron on Xposure Music and follow him on IG @cam_rogers96


Cameron Rogers
Experienced digital marketer specializing in music promotions, with a background at Roc Nation and The Orchard (Sony Music). Worked on 400+ album campaigns for artists like BTS, Pitbull, Nas, and more. Skilled in social strategy and content.


Sydney Hubbard
Ex-CAA artist development team member with management expertise. Contact me for advice on engaging booking agencies, hiring a manager, and establishing a personal brand.

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