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Making the Most of Feedback on Xposure Music

Making the Most of Feedback on Xposure Music
Pro feedback on your work is incredibly valuable, regardless of where you are in your journey as an artist.

As an artist at any level, receiving high-quality feedback on your music from experienced professionals is paramount for continued growth and development. At  Xposure Music, artists are provided with a platform for getting feedback from music industry professionals by uploading their work along with a written submission. To get the most out of your request for feedback from any of our Xposure Professionals, it's essential to ask the right questions and provide the necessary information within your submission. This article will outline tips for crafting the perfect submission to ensure you receive insightful and actionable feedback from your Pro of choice on Xposure Music.

1. Get Clear on Your Goals

Before clicking the “Request Feedback” button, make sure to check in with yourself about your music and career. Get your goals for your career down on paper, and translate those into the goals you have for seeking feedback on your music. Whether you aim to improve your songwriting, production, or vocal techniques, getting clear on your objectives will help you articulate them well as you write to the Pro. Xposure Music has a wide range of Professionals to choose from and that work as A&Rs, Marketers, Sound Engineers, Songwriters, Producers and Managers.

2. Be Thorough

As you click through the steps to submit your work and ask for feedback, be sure to fill out every field available as you go. For example, when asked for the link to your most active social media profile, don’t skip it or leave it blank–fill it out! The more information you provide, the more a Pro can get a clear picture of you and your artistry, leading to higher quality feedback.

Here you will choose which track you want to submit for the Xposure Pro to provide feedback on.
Choose which of these titles describes you best, or select Other.
Be sure to fill out all of the fields here. If a Pro can see your social media, they can get a much better sense of where you are in your journey as an artist.

3. Decide on the type of feedback you want to receive. 

You’ll see a screen with choices of feedback topics. Each topic has its own subtopics, listed below. Choosing a topic is important, considering that the music industry is vast and varied, and this will allow the Pro to give you specific and actionable feedback on what you specifically want to know.

Production: This includes songwriting, tracking, recording, mixing, mastering, editing, engineering, and anything that has to do with the technical and creative aspects of song creation.

Marketing: This includes playlist pitching, branding, video marketing, live show/tour marketing, social media, and anything relevant to promoting your music to your audience and growing your brand recognition.

Career: This includes questions about working with a label, the process of working with a manager (and when it is time to find one!), booking live shows, planning a tour, publishing, sync and anything involving the aspects of the music industry that help artists make a living.

Here you can specific which topic of feedback you're looking for.
Next, you'll choose a subtopic from within your chosen topic.

4. Write requests clearly and specifically

This form is your chance to share anything that the Pro needs to know in order to give you actionable and helpful feedback.

A well-structured and clear submission makes it easier for the professional to understand your needs and provide meaningful feedback. Rather than submitting generic questions, try to pinpoint the areas of your music that you believe require improvement or further development. Avoid lengthy or ambiguous questions that might lead to confusion or misinterpretation. 

Examples of specific questions include:

"How can I make my chorus more memorable and catchy?"

"What can I do to improve my vocal performance?"

"Are there any elements in my mix that need adjusting for better balance?"

Questions are usually better than statements when asking for feedback. For example, if you tell a Pro, “I want to be a superstar,” that phrase is broad and would require an in-depth conversation. If you ask a Pro, “Is my production polished enough to begin promoting on a streaming service?” then they can answer you directly, clearly, and help you with actionable next steps. Be sure to avoid asking overly vague questions, as they may result in less helpful advice. For example, instead of asking, "What do you think of my song?" try asking, "What aspects of my song could be improved in terms of structure and arrangement?"

5. Be Concise with Background Information

While it is great to provide context about yourself and your music career, make sure to include only the most relevant parts of your background. As a guide for what is useful to share with Pros, try sharing things related to:

  • Your musical influences and inspirations
  • The story or concept behind your song
  • Previous successes within your music career
  • Your target audience or demographic
  • Challenges you faced during the creation process
  • Technical details (software, hardware, plug-ins)

6. Proofread your Submission

Before submitting your questions and background information, take the time to proofread and revise your notes and questions to the Pro. As always, be sure to check for any errors in spelling or grammar. Then, try putting yourself in the shoes of the Pro. Does everything you’ve shared make sense? Are there any points of clarification you need to make or a way you could say something more succinctly? A well-written feedback request shows that you care while making it easier for the Pro to provide you with powerful feedback.

7. Be Patient and Open to Constructive Criticism

Once you submit your request for feedback on Xposure Music, the Pro you requested feedback from has seven full days to respond. While you wait to hear back about your track and request, keep an open mind regarding the constructive thoughts you may receive. Do your best to stay open to suggestions and willing to consider alternative approaches to your music. You likely came to Xposure Music and requested feedback to level-up in your career, and by listening to the advice and evaluation of your work given by experienced and knowledgeable music industry executives, you can begin to take the right next steps in your journey. 

Overall, to get the most out of your feedback experience Xposure Music, it's essential to submit well-crafted questions with clear and relevant information. By being specific about your goals, focusing on particular aspects of your music, providing background information, being open to constructive criticism, keeping your questions concise and clear, and proofreading your submission, you can ensure that you receive valuable and actionable feedback to help you grow as an artist.

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