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Xposure In The Mix: TikTok Trial, Warner Music Layoffs, Orlando Wharton signs NoLackin and BBG Steppaa

Xposure In The Mix: TikTok Trial, Warner Music Layoffs, Orlando Wharton signs NoLackin and BBG Steppaa
TikTok chief executive officer Shou Chew testifies before the US House of Representatives’ Energy and Commerce Committee in Washington on Thursday. Photo: AFP

In a series of significant developments in the music industry, TikTok is facing trial in the United States, Warner Music Group announces layoffs, and new talent is being signed by industry heavyweights.

- TikTok, the popular social media platform, is currently standing trial in the United States. A potential ban on the app could have a substantial impact on the music industry, given the platform's widespread use for promoting and discovering new music. TikTok has been credited with helping to launch the careers of numerous artists and has become an integral marketing tool for the industry.

- Warner Music Group, one of the world's largest music conglomerates, is preparing to lay off approximately 4% of its global workforce, as announced by CEO Robert Kyncl. This news comes from Music Biz Daily, and the layoffs are expected to affect employees across the company's various divisions.

- In a significant move for the industry, Orlando Wharton has signed two up-and-coming rappers to his new joint venture with Capitol, LLC4 Records, and Priority Records. 16-year-old Cel NoLackin and Newark rapper BBG Steppaa are the latest artists to join the roster, marking a noteworthy investment in emerging talent.

- United Talent Agency (UTA) and partner company Klutch Sports Group are expanding their footprint with the opening of an Atlanta office. The new location will further solidify UTA's presence in the region, fostering relationships with local talent and businesses.

- Tyler, The Creator, the Grammy-winning artist, has announced a deluxe edition of his critically acclaimed album, "Call Me If You Get Lost," titled "The Estate Sale." The first single from the deluxe album was released on Monday, March 27th, and made its debut at #22 on Spotify's US Chart.

- Lastly, a copyright infringement lawsuit filed in 2021 against the Childish Gambino track "This Is America" has been officially dismissed. The suit was brought forth by a Florida rapper, alleging similarities between the hit song and his own work.

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