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Making the Most of Your Xposure Music Call

Making the Most of Your Xposure Music Call
Xposure Music Call

Have your eye on an Xposure Music Pro you want to speak with? Congratulations!

As a musician at any stage of your career, getting face time with a music executive is a game-changer. Xposure Music makes time with a music industry executive more accessible than ever before.  A call with an Xposure Pro could be your chance to get your foot in the door of the music industry, so it's essential to make the most of the opportunity. On Xposure Music, once your fifteen or thirty minute call is requested, it’s time to get prepared. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your call with an Xposure Music Pro

1. Set your expectations

The process of building your team takes time and patience. On your upcoming Xposure call, you can expect time to ask questions, share information about your career goals, get real-time feedback on your music, plan key next steps in your journey, and build relationships with Pros. Do not expect to exit your call with a label deal, a new manager, or something official. You wouldn’t ask someone to be your significant other during a first date, so don’t expect a commitment from a Pro during your first conversation either! Get to know them and make the most of gaining knowledge from an experienced member of the music industry. You never know where these relationships may lead down the road.

2. Prepare. Then, prepare some more.

Before the call, do your research on the executive and their current company. Be familiar with their roster of artists, their past successes, and their current projects to the extent that it is available. Xposure Pros usually have information about themselves, their career history, and artists they’ve worked with on their Xposure Music profile. Remember, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media networks are your friend for doing deeper research into their most recent day-to-day. You might even find that you have something in common with the Pro. This preparedness will demonstrate your interest, illustrate that you are taking the time you get with them seriously, and prove that you have done your homework. 

3. Check your tech

Xposure calls are best on a fully charged or plugged-in laptop or desktop computer. Join the call 3-5 minutes early to be sure that your set up is working. This means being sure your headphones are connected or your speakers and microphone are working properly. Check your webcam, remove any covers, and make sure your whole face is in the frame. 

4. Come with your materials ready to share

By using Xposure Music to book a face-to-face call with a music industry professional, you will be able to submit your materials and questions in advance. To ensure that the Pro will be able to go over exactly what you want to use the time for, have any marketing content, tracks, album artwork etc. on deck so that you can easily share your screen and materials with the Pro if it makes sense.

5. Introduce yourself

When the Pro joins the call, be prepared to share your 30-45 second intro including your name, your artist name (if different from your given name), where you’re located, how long you’ve been creating and releasing music, and a few things you’re looking forward to discussing with the Pro. Giving the Pro context allows them to think about opportunities and resources for you more deeply.  

6. Know where you are and where you are going

Every artist wants to make it and have success, but success means something different to everyone. Be honest about what milestones you have hit, what you’re looking to accomplish in the short term,  where you have room to grow, and what success looks like from where you are now. Many music industry executives value an artist who is familiar with their data. For example, can you easily name your number of monthly listeners, social media follower count, amount of marketing contacts you’ve collected, and how your engagement stacks up? Do you know the top five cities where your fans are located? Make sure you’re ready to speak about these metrics clearly and concisely. This will help the Pro see that you are self-aware, willing to learn, and realistic about next steps. 

7. Ask questions

This call is a two-way street. Don't be afraid to ask questions about the executive's experience, the music industry, or their thoughts on your music. This will demonstrate your interest in learning, your willingness to collaborate, and how well you can work with a team creatively.

8. Receive feedback openly

Remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. You may not agree with every change a music industry expert would make, but feedback is essential for growth as a musician. Be open to constructive criticism and take notes on any suggestions the executive offers. This will show that you are serious about improving your craft and making the most out of the opportunity.

9. Follow up

After the call, send a follow-up in the chat thanking the executive for their time. Sometimes, it will make sense to follow the Pro on social media channels and if they happen to share another form of contact information with you, be sure to reach out to them there to finish the exchange.  

10. Maintain the relationship

Make a plan to implement the feedback the Pro gave you and reach out to them in the next month for a follow up call. Pros become fully booked quickly, so you can even book the call right after your first one to ensure you get time with them to review your progress.

A call with an Xposure Music pro is a valuable opportunity to grow your network, expand your knowledge, and advance your music career. By preparing beforehand,you can make the most out of the opportunity and take a step closer to achieving your music goals. Book a call with an Xposure Music Pro now at If you’re not sure which Pro to book with, reach out to us at, tell us your goals and any areas of your career where you are looking for growth, and we will pair you with a Pro that’s perfect for you. 

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Gregory Walfish
Co-founder of Xposure Music, Gregory Walfish stands at the intersection of music, tech, and culture. With a software engineering background, he's passionate about artist development and technology.

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