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Xposure Introduces Strategic Advisory Board as Platform Launch Approaches

Xposure Introduces Strategic Advisory Board as Platform Launch Approaches

Advisory board will offer strategic guidance to the Xposure team as they launch as the go-to platform for artist development, discovery, and mentorship by music industry heavyweights.

Music marketplace , which connects artists to industry leaders, is excited to announce their Advisory Board, composed of seasoned music and tech professionals eager to help mentor the team. Members include Global Head of Song Management at Hipgnosis Songs Fund Nick Jarjour, Vice President at REBEL and management for Lil Nas X, Adriana Arce, former entertainment partnerships professional at Facebook Chase Ellman , Senior Manager on YouTube’s artist relations team Matt McLernon , Founder of Grassroots Music, and Manager of Black Eyed Peas, Polo Molina.

The team at Xposure envisions a world where no artist needs to send their mixtape to a label in a box of doughnuts, or fly across the country hoping to brush elbows with big-name producers outside a high-end store. They’ve seen what friends and colleagues will go through to take their music to the next level, and designed Xposure to bridge this gap, without wiping the artist of time and resources.

“It’s all about challenging the idea of algorithms determining whether an artist is heard by top music execs and leaders in the space. You’re skipping the line to the desk. Xposure provides artists with a chance to get the same access as a viral TikTok success,” says Nick Jarjour, Xposure advisor and veteran music business instigator. “The next Adele or Michael Jackson might not be good at social media. They may be talented in other ways. They deserve to be heard.”

Xposure opens up a world of opportunity and accessibility by granting virtually unlimited access to the right people, with the right experiences that artists need to go next-level with their music.

“Our advisory board is top-notch, with combined decades of experience working in entertainment, music, and partnerships. As we get closer to launch, the guidance of these individuals is influential to Xposure’s continued development,” says Xposure Co-founder Ryan Garber.

The Advisory Board at Xposure is dedicated to this concept, combining entertainment and musical expertise to help build an impressive network of industry professionals at companies such as Roc Nation, Warner Music, Internet Money, and Columbia Records. These pros are vetted, and are using the platform to discover new talent, offer their expertise to artists, or mentor artists through their next steps. Xposure hopes to transition these relationships past a one-off, transactional relationship, and promote long-term professional networking between pros and artists.

“We are so appreciative of the dedication and support of our mission by our Advisory Board,” says Xposure Co-founder Gregory Walfish. “Each member has brought a unique perspective and knowledge set, and has helped us shape the strategic development and rollout of our platform.”

Interested artists can request early-access to join the platform through the Xposure Music site at .

With professional development platform Xposure, artists can now experience personalized music industry feedback and engage in real industry mentorship opportunities, like never before. Aspiring musicians receive personalized attention and constructive comments on their submitted tracks, directly from vetted music industry professionals and connections made through the online platform. In turn, music professionals gain access to an ever-expanding pool of new and exciting musical talent and an innovative tool to streamline their music submission process.

Artists can connect directly with recognized A&Rs, Marketers, Producers and Managers from the top labels and companies. Xposure revolutionizes how artists are heard by leaders in the industry, tearing down the barriers to get music into their hands.

Xposure was founded in July 2021 and is backed by a strong foundation of music, entertainment and business experts such as Nick Jarjour, Matt McLernon and Mitch Garber, to name just a few. They have an all star team of operators from companies such as Instagram, Cameo, CAA and more.

Originally published at on June 21, 2022.

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Gregory Walfish
Co-founder of Xposure Music, Gregory Walfish stands at the intersection of music, tech, and culture. With a software engineering background, he's passionate about artist development and technology.

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