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Xposure In The Mix: Travis Scott, Niall Horan, Powering the Planet, and Nick Jarjour

Xposure In The Mix: Travis Scott, Niall Horan, Powering the Planet, and Nick Jarjour

This week in the music industry is packed with exhilarating news, with updates on everything from anticipated album releases to international concert lineups and business changes.

Travis Scott continues to fuel the intrigue surrounding his forthcoming album, "Utopia". The rapper was recently spotted alongside his bodyguard who was hand-cuffed to, of all things, the alleged hard drive containing the anticipated music. Despite the unconventional security measure, a public release date for the album remains elusive.

Niall Horan, the former One Direction member, has delighted fans by announcing a 2024 tour titled "The Show." The tour will commence in the UK in February before spanning mainland Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and North America. Fans around the globe are marking their calendars in anticipation of this global music event.

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In an effort to rally commitments from world leaders to protect the planet, Global Citizen is powering a live concert from Paris. This event, titled "Power the Planet," aligns with the Summit for a New Global Financial Pact hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron. A star-studded lineup promises to make this concert an unforgettable moment in music and activism.

Lastly, in a significant move, Nick Jarjour, formerly the Global Head of Song Management at Hipgnosis Songs Fund, has left the company to "embark on an exciting new chapter in his journey." Despite the departure, those seeking career guidance can still book him on Xposure for valuable industry insight.

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