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Xposure In The Mix: Lil Wayne, GAYLE, BET Awards, and Meta's Music AI

Xposure In The Mix: Lil Wayne, GAYLE, BET Awards, and Meta's Music AI
Photo: Frazer Harrison

The music industry continues to strike a high note this week, with updates that span the spectrum from candid artist revelations to cutting-edge tech innovations.

The indomitable Lil Wayne made headlines this week when the iconic 40-year-old rapper confessed to struggling with remembering his extensive catalogue history and timeline. Despite this, fans can rest easy: the legendary rapper has confirmed he has no plans to retire any time soon, ensuring his voice continues to resonate in the music scene.

Rising star GAYLE, known for her hit "abcdefu," has been building momentum as she opens for headlining superstars P!nk and Taylor Swift. Looking forward, GAYLE has announced the "Scared and Trying" tour, a 15-stop journey that is sure to further solidify her presence in the music industry.

The annual BET Award Nominations were unveiled this week, setting the stage for the awards ceremony on June 25th, live from Los Angeles. The nominations feature a mix of well-established and emerging talent, with Drake, Glorilla, Lizzo, and 21 Savage leading the pack.

On the tech front, Facebook parent company Meta has unveiled an AI music generation software. This revolutionary software was trained on over 20,000 hours of licensed music, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the intersection of music and artificial intelligence.

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