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Xposure In The Mix: Gordon Lightfoot's Passing, Ed Sheeran's Legal Battle, and Musicians on the Met Gala Red Carpet

Xposure In The Mix: Gordon Lightfoot's Passing, Ed Sheeran's Legal Battle, and Musicians on the Met Gala Red Carpet
Rihanna and A$AP Rocky on the 2023 Met Gala Red Carpet. Photo:

From courtroom drama to iconic celebrations, this week has been a rollercoaster ride for music fans:

- The world mourns the loss of the legendary Canadian folk-rock musician Gordon Lightfoot, who passed away at the age of 84. Lightfoot leaves behind a prolific legacy, including timeless hits such as "Early Morning Rain" and "The Wreck of Edmund Fitzgerald." Fans and fellow musicians have taken to social media to express their condolences and share memories of his incredible talent.

- In the midst of a big week for British superstar Ed Sheeran, the singer-songwriter appeared in court for a copyright lawsuit over his smash romance ballad "Thinking Out Loud." Sheeran has threatened to quit music if the outcome of the case is unfavorable. Despite this, the release of his Disney+ documentary today (May 3) and the highly anticipated 5th studio album, Subtract (stylized as '-' ), set to launch on Friday, May 5th, have fans eagerly awaiting what's next.

- BMG has acquired Tina Turner's music rights, including her name, image, and likeness, in the company's largest artist acquisition to date. The move solidifies Turner's iconic status in the industry and ensures her legendary music will continue to reach new generations.

- Pop Smoke fans were left disappointed this week as close friend Mike Dee and producer Rico Beats confirmed there would be no upcoming music from the late rapper. The news puts an end to speculation about potential additional posthumous releases.

- Country music legend Willie Nelson turned 90 on April 29th, celebrating with a two-night extravaganza in Los Angeles. The guest list boasted stars like Snoop Dogg, Neil Young, and George Strait, who joined in on the festivities to honor Nelson's incredible career.

- This morning (May 3), the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announced its 2023 inductees in the performance category, which includes Kate Bush, Sheryl Crow, Missy Elliot, Willie Nelson, Rage Against the Machine, George Michael, and The Spinners.

- In a groundbreaking move, Sony Music announced it will provide free mental health services and support to every artist actively signed to their roster, reflecting a growing awareness of mental health challenges in the music industry.

- The Met Gala saw Cardi B, Doja Cat, Bad Bunny, and other stars dressed to impress as they honored the late fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld. Notably, Jared Leto made a splash arriving in a cat costume, ensuring the event was as memorable as ever.

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