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Xposure In The Mix: Post Malone, The Weeknd, Riot Fest, and Travis Scott Stir Up the Music Scene

Xposure In The Mix: Post Malone, The Weeknd, Riot Fest, and Travis Scott Stir Up the Music Scene
Post Malone, photographed by Lee Klafczynski

From name changes to new album announcements, the music industry is buzzing with exciting transformations:

Post Malone surprised fans by announcing the release date of his fifth studio album, self-titled "Austin," scheduled to drop on July 28th. In addition, the rapper teased a new track, "Mourning," set to be released this Friday, leaving fans eager for a taste of what's to come on the upcoming album.

Following last week's news about The Weeknd's desire to "kill" his alter-ego, the star has taken a significant step towards this transformation by changing his name on social media platforms to his birth name, Abel Tesfaye. This move has fans speculating about the direction of his music and persona in the future.

Riot Fest, the iconic punk festival, unveiled its star-studded 2023 lineup, featuring acts like Queens of the Stone Age, the Mars Volta, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Kim Gordon, 070 Shake, and many more. The announcement has punk music enthusiasts buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming event.

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Travis Scott treated MLB's Houston Astros to a preview of his upcoming album, "Utopia," before their game against the Chicago Cubs. While the baseball team was privy to an exclusive listening session, fans are eager for their own opportunity to experience the rapper's latest creation.

In a week filled with thrilling announcements and intriguing transformations, the music industry continues to captivate fans with its ever-evolving landscape.

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