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Xposure Opens to Users, Unlocks New Front Door for the Music Business

Xposure Opens to Users, Unlocks New Front Door for the Music Business

Artists with ambitions, yet lacking connections had to find the backdoor to be noticed by a professional in the industry: the stage exit where tastemakers might emerge, the boutique where the gatekeeper shopped, the restaurant where so-and-so’s manager frequented. Xposure, a new platform connecting artists and vetted industry professionals, has drawn a new front door to foster this networking and mentoring.

Launched by invite-only in 2022 , Xposure ( turns the all-consuming hustle to get noticed into a transparent and streamlined experience, one that improves the workflow for all involved. The brainchild of two young entrepreneurs tired of watching their musician friends struggle, Xposure will launch with over 2,500 artists on the waitlist, and continue to expand over the coming weeks, with additional industry pro’s and innovative feedback methods joining their arsenal. It’s time to start networking in a whole new way.

Alternative rap and rock artist Fayz is already reaping the benefits of connections made through Xposure’s networking. Before finding the Xposure platform, Fayz “felt discouraged by music.” After receiving feedback and genuine interest from a pro, unique opportunities have come to Fayz, which otherwise wouldn’t have been presented. “Xposure is crucial for musicians trying to gain more traction and actually increase their elevation into the music industry, and get their foot into the door,” says Fayz. “It’s the secret ingredient to an upcoming artist. To me, it’s done nothing but that.”

“We’ve set out to expedite artist journeys and bridge pro-to-artist relationships — artists like Fayz are doing just that. When an emerging artist can take their career to the next step and transform their feedback into a lasting relationship, it becomes so much more than an interaction over the platform,” says Xposure co-founder Gregory Walfish. “That’s what our pro’s do, they’re scouting out new talent and offering expertise to tomorrow’s next breakout star.”

With professionals from the majors, Motown, Internet Money, Roc Nation, and more, Xposure offers artists a clear way to connect with top managers, multi-platinum producers, A&R pros, seasoned marketers, and other music professionals with expertise, for a reasonable consultation fee. These experts act as mentors and advisors, giving clear written or video feedback on burning artist questions. If the relationship clicks, artists can have one-on-one coaching sessions. Provided with tools to evaluate an artist’s potential, music pros can find talented creators right as they are about to break, without relying on algorithms or social media popularity contests.

For artists, they can engage with confidence, knowing the pro they are working with has been carefully selected for their qualifications. Feedback is guaranteed in terms of quality and turnaround time; industry experts send extensive responses suggesting next steps for an artist’s material or plans. Pros have seven days to deliver their feedback or set up a consultation, so that artists aren’t left hanging. All transactions take place on the platform, ensuring safety and security.

“We’ve consulted with industry leaders and artists to make sure we get them exactly what they need in a transparent, affordable, and truly helpful way,” explains Ryan Garber, co-founder of Xposure. “We want to help build a new kind of network that connects those with clout and experience with newcomers, ready to work hard and perfect their craft.”

“We need more front doors for artists, where everyone goes in with eyes open and knows what’s up. Introducing the monetary side provides the interaction with just enough structure so that it’s focused on the task, but not overreaching or exploitative,” explains Xposure advisor Matt McLernon, a senior manager on YouTube’s artist relations team. “It plugs into so many trends in the music industry and the creator economy. The next generation of artists want to go more places with more info.” Xposure helps them do that.

Originally published at on July 7, 2022.

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Gregory Walfish
Co-founder of Xposure Music, Gregory Walfish stands at the intersection of music, tech, and culture. With a software engineering background, he's passionate about artist development and technology.

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