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Xposure In The Mix: Rihanna and Bad Bunny AI Music, Mateo Dorado Moves to Atlantic, Spotify Adds 5M Subscribers

Xposure In The Mix: Rihanna and Bad Bunny AI Music, Mateo Dorado Moves to Atlantic, Spotify Adds 5M Subscribers
Mateo Dorado, Senior Director of A&R, Atlantic Records.

In a week filled with controversy, career advancements, and chart successes, the music industry faces new challenges and opportunities:

- A controversial track featuring AI-generated replications of Rihanna and Bad Bunny's vocals has been released, stirring up debate around the ethics of using AI in music. The account responsible for the track is believed to be the same one that released an AI-generated Drake/The Weeknd collaboration last week, leading to takedown notices across various platforms.

- Atlantic Records has announced the addition of Mateo Dorado as their Senior Director of A&R. In this role, Dorado will work closely with artists such as Luh Tyler and Alicia Creti, helping to shape their careers and musical direction.

- Grimes has voiced her support for using AI technologies to create tracks featuring her voice. The artist stated that she would gladly share royalties with the creators behind successful tracks using AI-generated vocals.

- A new SKIMS campaign featuring musicians Ice Spice, Nessa Barrett, RAYE, and Pink Pantheress modeling Kim Kardashian's shapewear brand has been making waves in the industry. The campaign highlights the intersection of music and fashion, as well as the growing influence of celebrity brands.

- Rapper Glorilla is facing a copyright lawsuit over samples used in her tracks "Tomorrow" and "Tomorrow 2." The suit alleges that the artist infringed on copyrighted material in the creation of these songs.

- Spotify has reported the addition of 5 million Premium subscribers in Q1 2023, bringing their total number of paid subscribers to an impressive 210 million. The streaming service continues to dominate the industry, despite ongoing controversies and competition.

- SZA has scored her first Hot 100 #1 with her track "Kill Bill." The original version, along with a remix featuring Doja Cat, generated enough streaming numbers to propel the song to the top of the chart.

- Colombian superstar Shakira will be honored as the 2023 Woman of the Year at Billboard's first-ever Latin Women in Music event. The recognition highlights Shakira's groundbreaking career and lasting impact on the music industry.

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Gregory Walfish
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