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Xposure In The Mix: UMG and Drake vs AI, Frank Ocean Skating at Coachella, Lady Gaga and President Biden

Xposure In The Mix: UMG and Drake vs AI, Frank Ocean Skating at Coachella, Lady Gaga and President Biden
Former Vice President Joe Biden and singer Lady Gaga in an anti-sexual assault PSA. Twitter/ladygaga

In a week marked by legal battles, unexpected performances, and groundbreaking achievements, the music industry continues to evolve and adapt:

- Universal Music Group has successfully brought forth a copyright claim against the AI-generated vocals mimicking Drake and the Weeknd. The controversial track, which had garnered over 250,000 views, has now been taken down.

- R&B hitmaker Frank Ocean caused a stir at Coachella when he delayed his set by nixing certain production elements and chose to eliminate the livestream aspect altogether. Both the festival crowd and fans watching from home were left disappointed by the unexpected change.

- The Foo Fighters have announced their upcoming album, "But Here We Are," which is set for release on June 2. The album will be the band's first since the passing of their beloved drummer, Taylor Hawkins.

- A wax figure of global sensation Bad Bunny has debuted at Madame Tussaud's Las Vegas. The Puerto Rican singer already has two other wax figures in his likeness, one in New York City and the other in Orlando, Florida.

- Lady Gaga has been appointed as co-chair to US President Biden's Arts and Humanities Committee. The multi-talented performer will bring her extensive experience and passion for the arts to her new role.

- The Jonas Brothers have announced three upcoming secret performances at undisclosed venues in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Baltimore. Fans eagerly await further details on these surprise shows.

- Finally, Daddy Yankee, known as the Godfather of Reggaeton, celebrates a significant milestone as his hit song "Gasolina" becomes the first Reggaeton track to be inducted into the National Recording Registry at the Library of Congress.

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